Saturday, July 21, 2007

Want an easy way to make some extra money?

I have found the easiest way to make a little extra money. I first heard about payperpost from a fellow blogger, Beth. I had been trying to find a way to make a some extra money to help out with paying off some credit card bills as well as saving for those things I label "I want." Right now I am saving for an iPod Shuffle and tickets to the next Bon Jovi concert. Of course, I'm using the money for those "I want" items more so than paying off those credit cards. LOL Now when those "I want" items are paid for I want to use the money I make for clothes for the kids and things for my classroom. I spend way too much money on things for my classroom and any little bit of extra will help tremendously.

I like payperpost because they let you choose which opportunities you want to write about and there is no set number that you have to do each week or each month. It does get difficult sometimes to get those "good" opportunities. You have to meet certain criteria like having a higher page rank from Google or a lower Alexa score, but they do give you ideas on how to improve your score/rank. The companies you are writing the post for can also rate you. This gives you a tack ranking. The better the reviews from the companies the better your tack ranking. It can get frustrating, but hang in there. The more you post the more those scores will go up (or down depending on which they need to go) and you will be eligible for more and more opportunities.

If you want to make a little extra money go check them out.

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