Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is it with these dang football players?

Ugh!! More legal trouble for a couple UGA football players. DL Tripp Taylor is implicated in a brawl that happened back in May. He is charged with misdemeanor simple assault. This is the most serious charge of the two.

RB Caleb King was arrested for having a suspended license and driving the wrong way on his moped. This one isn't as serious and probably won't result in missed playing time.

Looks like there is lots going on off the football field this week. *sigh*


Aisby said...

We might be in trouble this year. I'm just ready to get through the first game and see how we're looking.

Don't get mad, I tagged you for a new meme.

Paige said...

Aisby: I'll try to get to it, but the next few days are crazy with getting ready for school to start back. It may take me awhile.