Sunday, July 08, 2007

Home at last!

It's always nice to go on vacation, but it is so great to get home. We were gone for a little over 2 weeks this time. This is the longest we've ever been gone. I love going to Amelia Island and visiting with my family, but I really do miss my bed. The kids do too. Joshua was so excited today about getting to sleep in his own bed tonight. I'm sure we will all sleep well!!

Now is the part I HATE..................unpacking. Ugh! I look around my living room and see so much that needs to be done. No doubt it won't get done tonight. I'm exhausted after driving for 9-10 hours. I'll unpack the necessities and leave the rest for tomorrow. I'll need to make a grocery run tomorrow too. There is nothing in the refrigerator. Well, we did stop before we got home and bought stuff for spaghetti and some milk for the kids.

I'll post some pics tomorrow or maybe later tonight depending on how I feel. We didn't get a lot since I forgot to take the camera and Michael didn't take as many as usual. He did get a few good ones though.

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