Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yay for Emmitt!!!

Emmitt Smith (you know, the NFL's career leading rusher with 18,355 yards) was enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame today. Yes, he played for the hated Gators, but he is one of my all time favorite football players.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

Smith had a fine career, too, rushing for 1,599 yards as a junior, finishing seventh for the Heisman, and gaining 3,928 yards rushing in three seasons. Smith said the thing he liked best about college football is "it's the purest form of football.''

"No pay. You just play,'' he said. "You're motivated not only by an educational standpoint and motivated to win, but you're motivated to showcase your talents so you can position yourself at the next level. At the NFL level you have to be self-motivated. Sometimes when you're given a lot, it's hard to self-motivate. You have to find ways to be self-motivated......''

Joe Raymond/AP Photo)

I really do like him a lot. He has a great attitude. I was a little disappointed when he left after his junior year for the NFL, but I was glad when he did go back and finish his degree. Shows he knows the importance of that education.

Congrats Emmitt! You deserve it!! (coming from such a huge UGA fan that should mean something! ;-) )

Edited to add: Emmitt said today that he thinks that the Feds are targeting Michael Vick in the dogfighting thing because he is the "biggest fish in the doggone pond right now." My thoughts on this is that it doesn't matter. If Vick has supported it then he should go down for it. It is disgusting and cruel. People who do stuff like that have no soul.

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