Monday, July 16, 2007

Ahhhhhh peace and quiet...............for a couple hours anyway.

It has been frustrating day so far and I even got to sleep in (thanks Honey). Joshua has been clingy (luckily to Michael and not me) and whiny all morning. We went swimming and he had to have his daddy carry him to AND from the pool. He whined about wearing his swimmies in the pool. He wanted to wear them and not practice those swimming lessons. He whined about where he wanted to sit for lunch and cried when he was told it was Ari's turn to sit there. He wanted a hamburger for lunch. I made him a hamburger. He didn't want it. He whined about having to eat it. He wanted some M&Ms after lunch. He didn't get any because he didn't eat his hamburger. He whined about that too. I made him go lie down to take a nap. He wanted a movie and quiet time (which is what he normally has instead of a nap) and I wouldn't let him because he has been so whiny today. He whined about that.

Right now both kids are asleep. I'm sitting in the living room with my laptop in front of me and the tv turned off. Ahhhhhh, peace and quiet.

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