Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ah, memories

The Thompson Brothers Band - Cows on Main Street

Michael and I were talking about something last night and it got me to thinking/remembering. When I was in college I followed this band, The Thompson Brothers. Okay, I didn't really follow them, but I never missed a show when they came to our favorite honky tonk, The Country Rock Cafe, in Athens. They even recorded a song there for their first CD. I was there that night of course. LOL The first night they were there a friend of mine and I decided to run an experiment. We were taking a nonverbal communications class and one of the big things they talked about was eye contact being so powerful. We decided that we were going to try it out. We chose who we thought was the best looking guy in the building that night and didn't ever go talk to him, but made eye contact as much as possible. My choice was the drummer in the band, Matt. Every time I was dancing I would make eye contact with him. I'd smile. He'd smile. At the end of the night he ended up coming to talk to me. We danced the last couple dances. Every night they were in town after that we would dance when they were taking a break. One night he even got someone else to play drums while he danced with me. Yeah, I had a major crush on him. LOL He was a doll. Anyway, they used to live here in Nashville. Michael and I were able to go see them a few times. I'm not sure if they are still here or not. They had 3 CDs released, but I don't think they got much play on country radio. They were good though and a lot of fun. I wish I could find them again. Here is the only video they released. It played on CMT and VH1.


Aisby said...

I don't remember them, but I used to go to Country Rock occasionally.

I did go see Dave Matthews a LOT at the Georgia Theatre (before they became really famous). They filmed a video there one of the times I was there, that was really cool.

Paige said...

When were you there again? We went every Thur, Fri, and Sat night my junior and senior years so I guess that would be 1994-1995.

Aisby said...

I went when I started dating my in 1996 and 1997.

Paige said...

Ahhh, that was when the Country Rock was coming to the end of it's glory days. It was getting way too crowded then and changing. I sure do miss those days though. Lots and lots of fun was had there. Lots and lots of alcohol was drank too. LOL