Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh how I love a vacation!

As y'all know I am on vacation in Florida with my kids. We have had a blast so far. The kids love to go swimming everyday. Lucky for me my aunt has a swimming pool. I'm not a big beach person really. We actually haven't even gone to the beach yet. Yeah, I know I'm weird. It is so much easier just to go to the pool than to drag all the required stuff down to the water only to have to drag it back and most likely carry the kids too a short time later. Not to mention that I HATE sand! I don't really mind going to the beach to walk or even play a game of catch. I'm just lazy and would prefer to go without the kids.

We have had lots of family in town the last couple weekends. We celebrated my aunt's 72nd birthday with some great food, a few drinks, and a little karaoke. We also had a baby shower for my cousin. So, lots of family in for those. It is always great to see my family. The kids have really enjoyed all the attention too.

Joshua took swimming lessons last week. That was not a lot of fun let me just tell you. He cried and cried. The first day he refused to do anything. It got better though. On the second day he cried the entire time, but he at least did what the instructor asked. As we are getting in the car he tells me, "Momma, I love my swimming lessons." Ummm, yeah well you could have fooled me. LOL He even talked about how much fun they were all day, but then told me later that he didn't want to go back. He had to go back. He did great the rest of the time. No more crying. Now we are just practicing everything he learned.

Ari is having a great time. She won't get off the pool steps though. Even with her swimmies on. And when I take her off she clings to me and whimpers. Pretty sad, but I so want her to get comfortable in the water.

They are both getting nice tan lines. I'm putting sunscreen on them, but you can still see the tan lines. They are so cute. LOL I'm just happy that they are not going to be fair skinned like me. Granted they are not going to be really dark skinned either. but at least you can tell when they get sun. You can't tell on all.

We all miss Michael. We've been gone since June 22 and we miss him a lot. He is flying in on the 4th though. I can't wait. We are putting off Joshua's birthday party until his daddy gets here. Did I forget to mention that Joshua turned 4? Yeah, I can't believe it either. Doesn't seem possible. He is very proud of that fact too. Today he wanted to tell the lady at the drive thru at McDonald's that he was 4 years old. He was quite disappointed when she didn't lean out of the window far enough for him to tell her. LOL

Well, it is midnight here and I'm tired (caught my mom's cold of course) so I will end this book. I forgot the camera so no pics. I'm sure Michael will remember it though so we can at least get some pictures of our vacation. LOL

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