Monday, July 16, 2007


Well, my summer is pretty much over. School starts back on Aug 1 and between now and then I will be very busy.

1. July 18--In-service---12:30-4:30
2. July 23--In-service---9:00-3:00
3. July 25--In-service---8:00-11:00
4. July 26--Work day---8:00-3:00
5. July 27--Work day---8:00-3:00
6. July 30--Work day---8:00-3:00
7. July 31--In-service---8:00-3:00
8. Aug 1--2hr school day--I'm there 7:00-3:00
9. Aug 2--Work day---8:00-3:00
10. Aug 3--full day of school---7:00-3:00

During one of those work days I will have to lead an in-service to teach our school personnel the new attendance/grading system. Not looking forward to that, but at least I'll get 2 additional hours of in-service for it. That means that I'm done for the year. I won't have to worry about it during the school year. That makes me happy.

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