Monday, July 16, 2007


This would be my kids. I swear they are the pickiest eaters ever created!! I don't know why. I didn't shy away from feeding them anything when they were babies. They ate veggies really well when they were eating baby food. They even ate them well when they first went to table food, but now neither one of them will eat any type of vegetable. It is so frustrating. I can't even get them to try new things. I have a set menu I can choose from if I want them to eat and even then there are days that they won't touch those things. I'm at a loss. I'm also incredibly tired of eating the same 'ol things.

They will both eat just about any kind of fruit you put in front of them though. At least that's something.

Those of you with kids..............were they good eaters? How did you get them to eat different foods if they were not? How did you get them to become good eaters if they were?

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Beth said...

We get Hailey to eat hers by telling her they make her muscles grow and then have her show them to us. You could try making Kabobs and having them fix their own. They might be more inclined to eat it if they make it. Hope this helps.