Friday, December 28, 2007

This one will embarrass the kid one day! LOL

I swear we have the worst poop problems with the 4 year old. For some reason he hates to go poop. It is a fight every night. If I do let him off the potty without going the next day is just torture. He doesn't eat right anyway and definitely doesn't get enough fiber so sometimes it is difficult when he goes regularly, but if he misses just one then it is hell. It is driving me nuts!! Why is it so difficult to get him to go? Anyone else have this problem with their little ones? What did you do to make it easier for them? I would hate to think that he would need a colon cleanse before he is 10 years old. LOL


Katie said...

My brother is 12 and we're still having to TELL him to go poop. It's so freakin' bizarre.

I always say, "Man, your wife is gonna HATE having to tell you to go poop when you're 30."

Yeah, not sure why I felt I needed to share that.

Joker said...

Happy Holidays!!!