Sunday, December 09, 2007

Man oh man

This is a very physical game. It's pretty ugly. Heck, even Dan Dierdorf wondered if they were all in a bad mood. LOL I'd have to say yes at this point. Helmets are flying all over the place. Even L.T. got a personal foul penalty. Both starting QBs have gone down already. They both went down on run plays that they really had nothing to do with. Like I said.........ugly. Right now the score is tied in the 3rd quarter at 3. It's fun, but dang I worry about all the players involved. LOL

I'd say that even the fans are in a bad mood. I've never heard so much booing from them. They boo when we throw. They boo when we run. They boo every hit by the other team like it is an illegal hit. I'm not sure what exactly it is that they want today. LOL

Oh wow. We just had a major no call. Someone threw a horse collar tackle on Chris Brown when he went in for the TD. Score now is 10-3 Titans.

Dan Dierdorf: "Oh my gosh, it's Vanden Bosch again." LOL It does seem that #93 is all over Rivers today.

Damn, tied with 9 seconds left. Looks like overtime. I hate overtime. *sigh*

Yep going to overtime and the fans are booing again. They really need to stop that. The team really needs them at the 12th man now.

Damn. I really do hate overtime. L.T. goes in for the winning TD. 23-17 *sigh*


SoCal Sal said...

YEAH!!!! … what a nail biter. What a finish. I was literally on the edge of my chair!!!!

SoCal Sal said...

Could you imagine if they meet in the playoffs. Wow, that would be a game!!