Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Freakin' BCS is a pile if bullshit!!

How the hell a team who lost to an unranked opponent to end their regular season, lost the #1 position not once but twice, and and then only wins the conference game because the opposing QB can't throw a damn ball makes it to the National Championship game I'll never know. I hate the BCS. We need a playoff system and this really magnifies that. I won't even get to Ohio State (they play no one EVER ). This will be one Championship game I will not watch. I refuse. I've never missed watching one in all my years of watching football. Not even when the hated Gators or UT played.

We were not the only ones who got screwed though. There were several teams who had valid points when it came to who should go. It just shows how screwed up the BCS system is. Something needs to change. It probably never will, but it sure needs to change. This is ridiculous.

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Two Dogs said...

Most thinking people agree with you as far as the BCS is concerned, however if Georgia would have simply beat Tennessee this year, y'all would have been there. And also, the computers were trashing UGA all year. The highest ranking in any of the computer polls was number 3 on the Massey. Better LSU than a non-SEC team, that increases your beginning ranking next year. But, yes, the BCS is bullshit.