Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Being sick sucks!!

So apparently the pain I was having in my upper torso was just my body's way of telling me that I was going to get sick. I woke up this morning feeling horrible. Sore throat, and a fever of 102. I've also been in the bathroom more than not today. Yeah, I know.....TMI. Sorry. I'm nauseous and in desperate need of Sprite. Michael had to go get the kids from daycare because they called to say that Joshua was throwing up. Just great!! Now not only will I have to deal with the kids as I am sick, but he is sick too. This is not going to be fun! Forget making dinner. I can't stand up long enough to do it. I'm guessing it will be chicken nuggets. If I still have this fever tomorrow I am going back to the doctor.

Oh, the pain in my chest and back is pretty much gone. I still have a little pain when I take a really deep breath, but nothing like yesterday. I can actually breathe normally with an occasional deep breath. Much better than yesterday.

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Beth said...

Good that you are able to breathe a little better. Sorry to hear about your little one being sick. That sucks. I hope all of you get well real soon. {{{HUGS}}} Beth