Sunday, November 26, 2006

UGA v. GA Tech

WOOHOO!!!! GOOOOO DAWGS!!!! UGA 15 and Tech 12!!

For the first time all season I was able to listen to the great Larry Munson call the game. I had to keep changing the radio station, but luckily I had talked to Michael earlier in the day and he gave me all the radio affiliates for UGA football. I didn't have to search!! I think my favorite call was when we drove down the field and scored the final time. "TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!! MY GOD, A TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!!"~Larry Munson I think he couldn't believe what he was seeing! I LOVE Larry Munson!!

Side note: Did you know that Larry and I share a birthday? I found that out a few years ago when I was at a UGA game on my birthday and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Larry.

It was a pretty ugly game and our offense didn't play well at all until our last scoring drive, but our defense really stepped up and kept us in the game even running in a fumble for a touchdown.

We've had a really bad season by all accounts, but beating Auburn and Tech have helped sooth some of the pain. LOL I love beating ranked teams!! Oh wait............I just love beating our rivals! I don't care if they are ranked or not!!

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peach said...

I wasn't able to watch the game after the 1st qtr, since I was in Memphis visiting my best friend. I kept calling my mother for updates. When she said that we had won, I couldn't believe it. We couldn't beat KY, but we beat Tech! Outstanding!! We had a tough season this year, but next year will be better. Hell, it has to be! The last game I heard Larry call was the Cocktail party three years ago. I was in Athens with my mother visiting family. He is the best!!