Sunday, November 26, 2006

What were you doing at 1:30am this morning?

I was sitting in my recliner while the apartment maintenance man cut into my ceiling trying to find a leak in a pipe that had wet my entire hallway. I went to bed at 11pm and there was no leak that I heard. Michael started to bed at 1:00am and the floor was soaked. Luckily, he found the leak pretty quickly, but he had to go into the upstairs apartment to fix it through their floor. Yep, he had to wake them up. All 3 kids slept through the entire thing! How? I have no idea. He was cutting my ceiling right outside of Joshua's and Ari's rooms. I just knew they were going to wake up and be up for a long time. I'm glad they didn't.

The good things:
1. We were able to get it taken care of quickly.
2. No money out of our pockets so no stress for us.
3. The apartment people will call the carpet people to come in and clean up.
4. The apartment people will call the drywall people to fix the ceiling.
5. If it killed my dryer the apartment people are responsible for replacing/fixing it.

The bad:
1. I was up from 1:30am-3:00am after an exhausting trip home from FL.
2. The kids were up at 6am.
3. I can't get to my washer and dryer to do laundry until the carpet people come extract the water.
4. The kids keep walking through the hallway getting their socks wet.
5. Did I mention that I was up at 6am?

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