Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I have been such a horrible friend lately

I have been missing birthdays and anniversaries. This is soooooo unlike me. I was always the one who remembered everyone's birthday and even sent cards. I even completely forgot about a very good friend's birthday (tomorrow actually). Luckily, his wife called me tonight and mentioned it. Happy Birthday Matthew!! Since having children all that has changed. *SIGH* Heck, I can't even find my address book which has all this stuff written down. I had to send out an email tonight asking my friends to send me their addresses so that I can get Christmas cards to them. Now I just have to worry about how I'm going to get the addresses for those who don't have email (yes, I still know people who do not have email). I am going to buy a new address/date book this weekend so that I can regain my "good friend" status.


Beth said...

I done the same thing this week, I forgot my best friends son's birthday yesterday until she said something last night. If it isn't wrote down, I tend to forget. I even have to make a list to go to the grocery store or I won't get what I need.

CPA Mom said...

I was thinking the very same thing about me. I have b-days and anniversaries in TWO Calendars and I've still be forgetting to send cards. What happened to me?

I keep an excel spreadsheet of addresses so I can just mail merge the card labels. I don't have an actual address book anymore.