Sunday, November 05, 2006

My UGA thoughts of the week

I've been reading an awful lot of opinions about the Dawgs today so I decided to add my own. I've heard a lot of criticism about Coach Richt being Head Coach as well as calling the offensive plays. They seem to think he needs to hire an Offensive Coordinator. To me this is neither here nor there. We are going to question play calling regardless of who is calling the plays. That is just the nature of a fan. It doesn't matter WHO calls the plays if the wide receivers or tight ends can't catch the ball or if the running back or quarterback fumble it. We have to learn how to hold onto the ball before any calls by Coach Richt or an official Coordinator are going to be effective. Until that happens I will hold my opinion on whether Coach needs to make a change.

I pretty much agree with everyone else on the whole Defense thing and the kicking game. They both suck and need major work. Anyone know a kicker who needs a scholarship? We are in need of one. Our kicking game is a joke. I can't even watch when we have to kick a field goal or a PAT and I always say a quick prayer (that usually goes unanswered). A change definitely needs to be made there.

All that said, I love my Dawgs and will be bleeding red and black until the end of time. Living in the land of Orange makes me appreciate my red and black all the more. LOL


Aisby said...

I think we have a young team and need this year and probably next to get some restructuring done. If by the next year things aren't looking up then we may need to rethink this big ole contract that Richt has.
Personally, I like the guy and I think the players like and respect. But sometimes I wonder if he's TOO NICE...I think there are times when he just needs to be more decisive.

EmilyRoseJewel said...

You are as dedicated to your Dawgs as I am my Auburn Tigers, and I do believe there will be a little game going on this weekend. I pull for the Bulldogs in their games, unless of course it is Auburn playing against them. I have always felt there to be a friendly rivalry there. Anyway, thanks for stopping by the other day. Win or lose I hope each team comes out healthy with no injuries.