Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Georgia Girl

I've come to the realization that I haven't blogged about my first baby in a very long time. My 50 pound baby! She has finally gotten that bulldog laziness that you hear about. We were beginning to wonder. She still has her energetic moments, but mostly she lies around, moving only when one of the kids get too close. LOL Poor thing doesn't get much peace with the kids around. I think her favorite part of the evening is when they go to bed. She will come out from behind my recliner, jump on the couch (using one of the pillows as her own), and go back to sleep. I sure do love my Georgia Girl!!


Beth said...

Paige, she's beautiful. I absolutely adore bull dogs. Up until a few years ago that was all we raised. They are very loyal.

Steven Novak said...

HOly crap that's an ugly dog.

Don't worry...I meant the CUTE ugly way. ;)