Sunday, November 26, 2006

We are home from FL

We had a great time! Thanksgiving was great. Aunt Nez outdid herself with the food. Debbie dropped the whole platter of turkey on the kitchen floor during clean up. It was hilarious!! Oh heck!! I just remembered that I brought a whole pumpkin pie back to Mom's and I left it there!! Man!!!

Mom and I went shopping on Friday. No, we were not one of the crazy people up at the crack of dawn to be the first ones there. We left the house at around 9:30am and didn't have to fight all the crazy people. It was crowded, but nothing major. We found DVDs at Target for $3.96. DVDs like all the Harry Potters, Must Love Dogs, The Notebook, Spiderman 2, and Batman Returns.

Between the 2 of us we bought 7 pairs of shoes! I bought her 3 pairs for Christmas. She bought me 1 pair and I bought Ari a new pair. Then I bought myself 2 pairs!! LOL Just couldn't pass up the great deals really. I bought $65+ shoes for less than $20. Ari's were normally $35+ and I got them for $12.99. Mom got some great deals on designer clothes too. I have to say that if you have a Ross Store and have never been you really need to go. You have to look through some stuff, but you can find great deals. Mom got Levi jeans for $3.00. She bought my nephews some really nice t-shirt like shirts for less than $2. You will spend a lot of time weeding through clothes so I don't recommend that you take kids, but you can find some great deals.

We got stuck on the south side of Atlanta on the trip home for about 2 hours. Traffic was horrible, but it will be worse today so I'm glad we came home yesterday. At the sign that said 40 miles to Atlanta we were going at a crawl and stayed that way until about 15 miles outside of downtown. I've never seen it that bad. It took us almost 12 hours to get home and it really should have only taken us about 9.

Anyway, I'm glad to be home. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


CHEZ BEZ said...

What. Nothing about the surprise of coming home to a clean house?


The Hubby Who Stayed Home

Beth said...

Hey Paige, Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we did too. First one in a long time. I hate being stuck in traffic.