Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Taco night. Always a hit.

Yep, my very picky kids will actually eat their weight in tacos. LOL They may not eat much else, but I can always count on them to stuff themselves on taco night. Unfortunately, we can't have those every night.

They will also eat spaghetti and I've learned to puree vegetables to put in the sauce. This is the only way they will eat them.

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here, but neither of my kids will eat much of anything. It's not like I never exposed them to veggies and such. They were both great eaters when they were tiny. There were very few baby foods they wouldn't eat. Now, however, I'm lucky if they eat anything good for them. Well, they WILL eat any fruit you put in front of them and yogurt.........they like yogurt. They may or may not eat chicken nuggets (depends on their mood I guess) and they like french fries. Pizza is another hit or miss food. Luckily, neither are really into sweets like cake, cookies, and such. They will eat them, but not in huge quantities and not often.

One of my problems is that I can't get them to even TRY things. Not even one little bitty bite. It drives me nuts. I know if they would try some other foods they would like them. How did/do you get your kids to eat better? I need help here!!!

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Aisby said...

When you find the answer to this, let me know. I have one who loves tacos and one who hates them. They don't like veggies or spaghetti. They basically like bread and chicken nuggets...but I am forcing the "you must try it" rule now. And it is working (a little).