Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm worried about my kids

They are just not eating. It's a struggle every night to get them to eat even a little bit. Even their favorites. I've tried to get them to at least drink some V-8 (the strawberry and kiwi kind), but it's not a favorite. Ari will drink small amounts and Joshua just flat out refuses to drink it. Joshua has me the most worried at the moment. He lost 6 pounds in about a month and he has dark circles under his eyes. This really really bothers me. What can I do to get them to eat? I've tried the whole cook and let them eat or not. They are more stubborn than me apparently. They refused to eat and I couldn't do it for more than a couple days. I just couldn't. Any thoughts or advice? Please? My kids need to eat!!!


Beth said...

Paige, I went through the same thing with Hailey, sometimes she would eat most often not. I would let her plan a menu with the agreement she had to eat at least one thing. Then we would go off to the grocery store and shop for "her" ingredients. She's still picky, but I have pretty much learned what she will eat and what she will not. Hope this gives you an idea.


Breazy said...

as Beth said..I too have been through this and still go through it some with my ten year old son now and again.

When I talked to our pediatrician she told me to quit asking him if he wanted something to eat. This was the hardest thing for me because I was so worried but sure enough we tried it the dr's way and she was right. It was but a couple of days of me not mentioning food to him before his appetite returned. Hope that helps.

Also...I have tagged you with a meme. If you decide to participate, leave me a comment so I can come by and read it.


Let us know how the eating thing is going.

Aunt B said...

Are your kids still young enough the reverse psychology strategy? I've never known any kids to not eat for a long time on end, but in our extended family, when a kid refuses to eat, we're all like "Whew, thank goodness. We'd hate for you to actually eat anything, but we're required by law to set food in front of you." and then we all joke about how much we don't want them to eat and, so, of course, they eventually start sneaking food like it's a fun game.

It even worked on my nephew who's ten, who at Christmas, announced that he hated everything I cooked, so we just took it back from him and lo and behold if he suddenly wasn't very interested in eating.

I don't know if that'd be helpful for what you're going through, but it seems to defuse the situation (as long as the kids can tell that you're kind of joking).