Saturday, January 12, 2008

I wanted to do that.

Not too long ago I went to my cousin's wedding. She got married outside at an old grits mill. It was gorgeous and the weather was perfect even though it was very hot. When Michael and I were planning our wedding we talked about having it outside at the beach. We got married on Amelia Island. We put a lot of thought in whether or not to actually do it. It was going to be in August after all and if you've ever been to Florida in August you know our dilemma. It was either going to be excruciatingly hot or a summer storm was going to develop at the most inopportune time or both. LOL I had a really nice dress that would have been okay for an August outside wedding. It was light and flowy. It was still hot though!! The dresses for my girls were light and flowy too so they would have been fine. The guys, however, did not have the correct beach wedding attire for such a hot day. They had regular ol' tuxes. They would have been much better (even in our church was HOT) with something like this.

They probably would have needed it in cream though to be cooler. I think I would have been barefooted as would my girls. The guys too actually. I'm sure it would have been great. If we had decided on the beach wedding. We didn't though. We had a church wedding and I don't regret it at all. It was hot hot hot and as I thought we had a summer storm earlier in the day. I would have been completely freaking out if we had gone with the beach idea. LOL As it was I just smiled and knew that we had made the right decision. Weather in Florida is so unpredictable it is better to be safe than sorry. LOL

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