Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dawgs 41 Rainbow Warriors 10

Well, I didn't expect that. I did expect us to win, but by no stretch of the imagination did I except us to do it in that fashion. It was fun to watch if you were a UGA fan. Not so much if you pulled for Hawaii. I kinda felt bad for them. They were out matched really. I wouldn't call them "overrated" like some of the UGA fans were chanting (that ticked me off-------it was classless and undeserved. They are a good team for where and who they play. I mean heck their QB holds many many NCAA records and they were undefeated.......the only on in the nation. Give them some respect. I'll get off my soap box about that now). We were just bigger and faster. Our defense was one like they had not seen. Not many teams can hold up against an SEC team (we won't talk about the two SEC teams who have lost their bowl games this year...........Arkansas lost to Missouri [I thought Missouri deserved to be in next week's game really] and the Gators lost to Michigan [can't say that it REALLY disappoints me. They are the hated Gators after all.] ). UGA, Tennessee, Miss. State, Alabama, Kentucky, and Auburn all won though. I'm expecting LSU to win as well (do you realize that we have 9 of our 12 teams in bowl games?).

I really did feel bad for Hawaii though. I'm a sucker for the underdog. LOL If they had not been playing my beloved Dawgs I would have been pulling for them in their bowl game.

Let's move on to some of last night's stats:

1. Stafford was 14 of 23 for 175 yards and 1 TD (6 different receivers).
2. T. Brown ran for 73 yards on 19 carries and 1 TD.
3. K. Moreno ran for 61 yards on 9 carries and 2 TDs.
4. R. Brown had a kick return for 90 yards (that was fun to watch).
5. Coutu kicked 2 field goals (52 and 45 yards)

Our offense was not the story of the night though. Our defense dominated! They were swarming all over the field and in the back field more often than not. We sacked Brennan 8 times and we had 4 picks! We even recovered a fumble (Howard sacked Brennan and recovered the fumble) in the end zone for a TD. Marcus Howard won the MVP award. It's the first time a defensive player has won MVP since 1979. Way to go Marcus!!

Over all it was a great game for the Dawgs. I'm definitely looking forward to next year!!

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SoCal Sal said...

Ohhhh, here we go … Ding, ding … round two. You expect LSU to win? Oh silly you … Buckeyes are gonna rule!

Go Big Ten!!!!! … basketball is heating up too. YEAH!!!!!

paige said...

Oh yes Darlin', LSU is going to win. OSU sucks! They are way overrated and usually are. The SEC dominates as usual! ;-)

SoCal Sal said...

GAWD, you are precious!

Well, the Bolts are 9 point favs Sunday and I will assume you’re pulling for LSU. Wanna make a two for one wager?

paige said...

Not sure about the Titans and Chargers. We just lost 2 of our top guys. One TE and one WR. Not good!! I still think we can pull it off though. ;-)

Now I'm up for an LSU/OSU one! I'm very confident about that game. ;-)

SoCal Sal said...

Ok, let’s make it a two fer and level the odds. If both the Bolts & OSU win, I win. If both Titans & LSU win, you win. If either one of our teams loose, it’s a push (no payout). Fair enough?

What be the wager my dear?

Paige said...

Works for me. I'll have to think on the wager. I guess I need to think fast though, huh? Seeing as the one game is on Sunday! LOL I'll get back to you with it asap! ;-)

Aisby said...

The game was absolutely incredible. We really felt badly for the Hawaii fans, because they were all SO nice. Really, their fans were so much more polite and nicer than us Dawg fans. I've never seen anything like it...I'm used to Tennessee and Florida fans who are more obnoxious than we are!

I still want to see the game from the TV perspective. We were in N.O. after all, and I think the beer may have impaired my astuteness in watching!