Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hello from the land of sinus infections

Ugh! It feels like I've been sick for forever. I went to the doctor on Monday to find out that I have a sinus infection. They put me on antibiotics and told me to take some Mucinex D and use saline spray. I did all that and I still did not get better. So, I went back to the doctor today. The gave me 2 shots (yeah that went over real well with the needle phobe!!). One was an antibiotic shot to boost the pills I've been taking and the other was a steroid shot. Ummm, can I just say that those hurt like a bitch!! It hurt going in and it still hurts almost 12 hours later. They also increased my oral antibiotics to 3 a day instead of 2. I have to admit that I am feeling somewhat better now. I can breathe a whole lot better already. We'll see how I do when I go to bed though. That is the true test.

Oh and not only do I have a sinus infection, but because of the antibiotics (I'm sure the women out there know where I'm going here and guys...........get ready for some TMI) I also have a yeast infection. Double ugh!!! Luckily the doctor had something for that too. I just hope that it starts working soon. These infections are incredibly annoying and it is driving me nuts at the moment.

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