Friday, August 10, 2007

Whew, first day is over

Wow, they wore me out today. My kindergarteners really weren't that bad, but I did have to pull some cards for those breaking the rules. I hate to do it on the first day, but I have to or I lose them for the entire year. I'm not about to let that happen. LOL Hopefully they will get the idea and the number of pulled cards will go down in a couple weeks.

I have a very young class. There are 6 who are still four years old. A couple of them are acting like it too. Some of my kids can't write their names nor spell them. There are others who do not know how to use scissors. They don't even know how to hold them. You can really tell those who were in preschool and those who have never even been to daycare.

I'm tired now and it's only been one full day. LOL I'll be completely exhausted by the end of next week.

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