Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aww, he bwoke his wittle finger.

Literally. Seems that Eric Ainge (you know, the QB for the hated UT Vols.....shudder) has broken his pinky finger on his throwing hand. Don't worry Vol fans (shutter) he still plans to play on Saturday against Cal.

Ummmm, can I just say...................Go Bears!!! LOL


Michael said...

If it was some UGA player, you'd be all over him with some sympathy and love...

Let's face it...UT's owning of UGA will continue again this year. I see another 10 plus year streak of losses to the mighty Vols in UGA's future....

(I mean all of this in a good natured way....I have to rib fellow fans of other teams)

Go Cowboys (Ok. State that is, not the ones in Dallas!)

paige said...

Of course I'd have all kinds of sympathy and love for one of my beloved players. LOL

You really shouldn't be saying things like that in my world. Them there are fightin' words. LOL Not to mention you just may have to eat those words. ;-P