Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rain? Thunder?

Am I really hearing it? YES!! WOOHOOO!!! We are in desperate need of the rain. Everywhere you look the things that are supposed to be green...............well, they are brown. It's kinda sad.

I hope it rains a nice steady rain all night tonight and all day tomorrow. I can do without the storms, but I love the rain. I don't even care that I would have to keep my kindergarteners inside for recess.


Breazy said...

I am with you! We have heard some rumbles of thunder and believe it or not but it has done some small sprinkling here this evening as well, nothing to get excited about but some. I wish it would rain enough to get our trees and yards pretty again so that they will have beautiful color for fall!


Paige said...

I'm afraid that fall is going to be a bust around here. Everything is already brown. :(