Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm a sentimental fool.

I love memories of times long ago. It's amazing the small things that can trigger a memory. A scent, a song, a word. You never know what is going to start a storm of good or bad memories. And once they start it is almost impossible to stop them. Most of the time I don't want to stop them. They may make me smile or they may make me cry. Either way I welcome them. Especially those of my beloved grandparents. Today's memory trigger was as simple as cabinet hardware. Yeah, that was my thought too. How can something like that bring back so many memories? I don't know, but it sure did. It was actually a door knob and lock. My grandparents had the exact same one on their front door. I remember my brother tying a string to my tooth and then to that door knob. He slammed the door, but I ran with it so it didn't pull that tooth he was so determined to pull. LOL I love those memories!!! What kinds of things trigger your childhood memories?

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