Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gotta love him!

Tonight I was sitting in my rocking chair and Joshua comes in to sit with me. I am watching a preseason football game. He looks at the t.v. and says, "Momma, when I'm big like those guys I'm going to play football on t.v. Will you watch me on the t.v.?" Warms a football mommy's heart! *sigh* Of course I tell him that I won't watch on t.v., but I will be at his game watching him play.

Our conversation progressed to other things that he could be when he grew up to be big like those guys on t.v. We talked about him being everything from a cowboy to a spaceship guy to a baseball player. It ended with......"It's a game where they skate on ice with roller skates. They have a hitting thing and they hit a black stone." I'm game for whatever my little guy wants to do when he gets to be a big guy.

We then started talking about the letters of the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. He is a smart cookie. There was only 2 or 3 that he didn't know. He was even giving me words that started with each letter. I have kindergarteners who can't do that yet. I love his preschool. They are teaching him so much in there.

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