Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well that was stressful!

Ari had to have some testing done at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital today. Nothing MAJOR, but still stressful.

She didn't like the ultra sound at all. Said it hurt. Then the catheter was HORRIBLE!! She screamed and screamed. I was able to be in there with her when they did that, but had to leave when they did the xrays. She screamed during those too because she said the "camera" was too loud. None of us could comfort her. *sigh* Then when she went to pee afterward she cried saying that it hurt when the pee started. I finally got her to pee when we got home. She still says it hurts. I wonder if maybe they scratched her when the put the cath in.

She does have renal reflux on the left side. So basically that means that she will be on a low dose of antibiotics until she outgrows it. Not happy about the meds, but not entirely positive that is what will happen. I will know more on Friday when we go to her next dr. appt. That was just what the dr at the hospital said they do for it. I'll see what HER dr says.


Stacie said...

awwww...poor kid. I hope she's better soon!


Breazy said...

My oldest daughter had renal reflux on both sides as a child, she took meds for eight years before she finally outgrew it. Today she has minimal scarring in her kidneys as well.

Good luck and my prayers are with you all, I know exactly what you are and will be going through.