Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Cocktail Party!

The time is here. This is the one game every year that I hate! Yes you read that right! I absolutely HATE this game. It makes me nervous and I get really bitchy during the game. Usually doesn't matter if we are winning or losing. I just get so passionate about it and my blood pressure tends to rise. I throw things at the tv. I curse............loudly.

The hatred for the Gators runs deep. There is no other team that I hate as I hate them. Since I was a little girl. The hatred grew as I grew. The head honchos of the team haven't helped. More egotistical, self serving, unsportsman like men I've never seen. Their egos are so inflated that I wonder if they could use some Stacker to deflate it. LOL I really really dislike them and it makes the hatred of the entire team that much more powerful.

So, all that said. My advice to you for this weekend. DO NOT CALL ME! I cannot promise to be civil. I'll be growling until after the game. If we win you can call right after the game. If we lose I'd wait a couple days. LOL It takes that long (and sometimes longer) for me to get over it.

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peach said...

I completely understand! I've TiVo'd the game. I've got back to back appointments starting at 2pm, so I won't even be able to follow the score. I'll check at the day's end and see how we fared. God, I hope we show up to play!!!