Monday, October 13, 2008

UGA 26 (5-1) Tennessee 14

WOOHOO!!! This weekend I was in the North Georgia Mountains with my two best friends, Nat and Nicol. Every year we do this on the UGA/UT weekend. Nat and I watch the game and Nicol is banned to the basement of the cabin. She is a jinx to our Dawgs you see. She has never seen them win a game. Neither live nor on tv. She is not allowed to watch the games. (Oh and yes she watched the UGA/Bama game! UGH!!! Yes she got in trouble for it!!)

Anyway, Nat and I watched the game on Saturday and I have to say that I was incredibly happy with the outcome. We played well on both sides of the ball. Stafford had a career day. Moreno rushed for over 100 yards (against a stingy Vols defense supposedly). And our defense shut down the Vols running game. Yes, I would have been happier if we had gotten into the end zone instead of so many field goals. I'm not complaining though. A win against the hated Vols is a win. Heehee!!

Here are the stats for the day:

1. Stafford was 25 of 36 with 310 yards!
2. Moreno ran for 101 yards.
3. Massaquoi caught 5 passes for 103 yards! (he had an amazing touchdown catch too!)
4. We threw to 8 different receivers.
5. UT had a total of 1 yard of rushing (if I did the math right). Way to go Dawg D!!!!

It was a fun game to watch for me. And imagine....................I didn't get ANY texts from the UT fans in my life this year! What's up with that? They enjoy sending those when the outcome is different! No, I don't send them when my beloved Dawgs come out victorious. I should though!!

Up this week is Vandy. Now usually I don't have anything against Vandy and actually pull for them when they play anyone other than UGA. This year it's going to be a tougher game(although it tends to be a tough game every year) than usual. Vandy is doing really well this year. They've only lost 1 game. It's homecoming for us too. That usually spells trouble when we schedule Vandy for that game. LOL Nicol is going to Athens this weekend for a reunion of sorts. Don't worry fellow Dawg fans, I've warned her not to go into the stadium!!!

ETA: We did get some bad news from Saturday's game. We have lost Vince Vance for the rest of the year. He injured his knee. We are going to feel his absence. *sigh*

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