Friday, October 31, 2008

I wonder.....

I wonder what the apartment people would think if I had the pvc fence installation guys come out and put a small fence around the back of my apartment. LOL I so want to have a place where I can send the kids out to play and I can let the dog out and I don't have to be right there with them. I don't mind going with the kids to the playground, but it would be so much easier if I could just send them outside to play. I would also get a lot more done around the house. They could run off energy while I made dinner or cleaned the house. I guess we just need to start looking at houses again. *sigh* I'm not sure where we are going to end up though. Are we going to eventually move to Florida or are we going to stay here? I go back and forth on it almost daily. I want to go home and be closer to my family, but I'm not thrilled with the school system down there. Here I know that they would get a great education. It's definitely a dilemma. *sigh*

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