Saturday, October 25, 2008

UGA 52 (7-1) LSU 38

Wow! That is just about all I can say about this game! It was definitely fun to watch that's for sure. The 52 was the most points we've ever scored at Tiger Stadium. We went down to Baton Rouge to play some football and boy did we!! On LSU's first play from scrimmage we intercepted the ball and ran it back for a TD! We ended up with 3 interceptions, but I wasn't really happy with our defense if you want to know the truth. We couldn't stop the run to save our lives. Their big RB had 144 yards. Way too many!! They threw for over 200 too so not great. We have to fix that!!! We also had some really bad penalties. Not as many today, but still had some that hurt us big time. Gotta fix that too!! Can't do that against Florida next week and expect to win!!

Today's stats:

1. Stafford was 17 of 26 for 249 yards and 2 TDs.
2. Moreno ran for 163 yards on 21 carries and 1 TD.
3. We had 3 interceptions.
4. Gamble intercepted twice and ran both back 40+ yards for TDs. (Yep, BOTH of them!!!)
5. Total rushing yards 194 (-10 at the end when we were taking a knee so really 204)
6. Total yards 443.
7. We threw to 9 different receivers and had 4 different rushers (including A.J. Green! LOL)

Really not a bad day. We never trailed in the game.

Next week is the hated Gators. I will be sitting right here, but I don't want to talk to anybody or see anybody. That game always stresses me out and makes me incredibly irritable. I'll not be good company for anybody! LOL

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peach said...

Wow, what a game!! Thanks for giving me the play by play there at the end!! Glad I was able to watch it when I got home. Let's think positive thoughts about the Cocktail Party! :)