Monday, September 18, 2006

New pics of the rugrats!

Is this the face of a little girl having fun or what?

Her serious face.

Joshua playing in the rocks with one of Bob the Builder's backhoes. Ari looking on wishing her brother would share.

Joshua playing with my Dad's dog, Bell. Bell loves to chase sticks and she is pretty big compared to my little guy. He wasn't scared though.

He looks so much older than 3 in this picture. My little man.


Beth said...

Oh they are too precious. They grow up too fast don't they? {{{HUGS}}}

Stefanie T. said...

Awww....they are getting so big! They look just like each other. ;)

Nina said...

The last pic looks like a backdrop of Indiana - CORN!!!

Vickie, Les, Sydney & Sarah said...

Sweet pictures. When I saw the second one of Ari, she really seems to have Mike's eyes so I thought she must be looking more like Mike these days. Until, I got down to that last one Joshua! Whoa, he totally looked like a mini-Mike with that mouth and expression on his face. So, really, Ari seems to favor you more than Josh. And, has her hair turned brown? I remember it being so much lighter. It's amazing how much they change over the first few years. My Sarah looks nothing like she did her first year. Can't even tell she's the same baby when looking at pictures.

Enjoy your girls' trip!