Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just call us "Bug Bite Central"

My poor kids. Last week Ari had a bite on the corner of her eye. I didn't think much of it when I first saw it, but the next day it was incredibly red and much bigger. I decided to just keep an eye on it. The following day it was less red, but it was swollen on her eyelid and under her eye. Her eye was almost swollen shut. I called the doctor and Michael took her in. They tell us to put Neosporin on it. Now on Monday she got about 10 or so mosquito bites all over her. Someone please tell me how she can be outside for 3 solid days and nights and not have a single bite, but we come home and take a 15 minute walk and she is covered with them!! Crazy! She has 2 bites behind her knee and yesterday they were hard, red, knots. Today they look like bruises. I'm guessing that my sweet little girl has allergic reactions to mosquitoes. That's just great!

Not to be outdone, yesterday Joshua wakes up and comes to my room and says, "Mommy, my arm hurts." I look at it and see a small red place around his elbow that I figure is a mosquito bite so I give him some Benadryl and forget about it. We get up today and it is no longer a small place. It is HUGE!! His arm is swollen almost all the way around. It has little blisters in the center and it is hot to the touch. Now I figure it's a spider bite. I call the doctor and take him in. She says it's either a spider bite, but thankfully not a brown recluse, or the beginnings of an abscess. Ummm, okay. Now what? So, we have antibiotics and I'm supposed to watch it to make sure it doesn't get bigger or he doesn't run a fever. If those things happen I have to take him back to the doctor.

I'm sure our new doctor is thinking that I am one of those moms who takes her kids in at the slightest little thing. I swear I'm not one of those moms, but I've had both my kids in her office in the past 2 weeks for bug bites for crying out loud!! LOL I hope we are done for awhile.


Gina said...

Poor kids! Poor mommy! Hope they get better soon!

Vickie, Les, Sydney & Sarah said...

HA! I try not to be one of THOSE moms, too. So, when Sarah had a little red bump on her inner thigh back in May, I ignored it. As the weeks went by, Sarah was becoming very irritable, running low-grade fevers, and just not acting her usual self. Over the next couple weeks, the red bump turned into a big red splotch, then a big red ring. So, off to the doctor. It's a BAD reaction to a tick bite which, according to the doc, causes fevers and severe body aches. To think, if I had taken her in sooner, she would have gotten meds to prevent her misery!

So, when she woke up one morning a month later, with an incredibly swollen eye (nearly swollen shut)and looking like she'd been in a fight, we take her to the only available place on St. George Island, the ER. Doc suggests it's a bug bite and recommends a warm compress and cortizone and says to watch it closely because a serious eye infection could occur. Couple days later when the swelling goes down, we clearly see that she has 3 mosquito bites under and in the corner of her eye.

So, I WILL be one of THOSE moms, now. When it comes to the health and well-being of my girls, I will err on the side of caution. Besides, every trip to the doc I make, he/she is paid VERY well in return!

Anonymous said...

I agree, go ahead and "be one of those moms". A huge part of motherhood is following your gut when it comes to getting children what they need. I have been in your position, where I feel like I am troubling the doctor, but that is their job. Mothering is a tough enough job without worrying about how a good or bad a mother you are in the eyes of strangers. But it is challenging, not care what other think.

Anonymous said...

hey same here i got bit by i dont fleas i guess and the same thing on the corner of my i and my chik, and two on my left elbow area and one last one on my right elbow area