Saturday, September 06, 2008

UGA 56 (2-0) Central Michigan 17

We were televised today!! WOOHOO!!! It was great to be able to see them live. It was a good game. The offense was rockin' and so was the defense. We even returned an interception for a touchdown. Knowshon had a great day!! He even hurdled a defender and gained a few more yards before going down on one of his long runs. (No, ESPN didn't show that on the highlight reel.......but I'll vent about them later.) Stafford had a pretty good day too. Not quite as good as last week, but a very solid day. I have to say that Central Michigan's QB was pretty darn good too. He started out badly, but he came out in the second half and played good ball. He actually had more yards than Stafford. The ball was spread around to both recievers and rushers.

Here are our stats. You knew those were coming, right? ;-)

1. Stafford was 18 of 28 for 213 yards and 2 touchdowns (he rushed for 25 yards).
2. Moreno had 18 carries for 168 (average of 9.3) yards and 3 touchdowns (one of those was a fumble recovery in the end zone.)
3. Massaquoi had 5 receptions for 79 yards and 2 touchdowns.
4. Dobbs ran an interception back 78 yards for a touchdown.
5. We threw to 9 different recievers.
6. We had 3 rushers (not including the QBs). Each rusher had at least 1 touchdown.
7. We had 263 yards rushing and 289 passing. Folks that is a total of 552 yards.

Next week we begin our SEC schedule. We head to Columbia and face the Gamecocks (anyone else happy when they lost to Vandy on Thursday? Heehee!). They are going to be a little ticked off when we get there. We will have to be careful. We are going for revenge though since they beat us last year. We can't underestimate them however. They lost to Vandy last year too (Heehee!) and still beat us. I guess I should explain my giddiness over a South Carolina loss. It's not my usual reaction for that particular team (well until recently). I'll give you just one word..........................................Spurrier. I absolutely hate that man and any team he coaches. So when he loses I get giddy. Heehee!!

Ok, now on to my ESPN vent. Last week I was ticked off because I was watching a game break and they spend about 3 minutes talking about how awesome the Gators and Tim Tebow were. Tim didn't throw anywhere near as well as Stafford. Yet, they spent all of 15 seconds on the UGA game (nice for the #1 ranked team in the nation, huh?). Didn't even mention Stafford's numbers. This week I was watching their College Football Saturday show and they spent 3-4 minutes on Ohio State and then again less than a minute on the UGA game. They didn't even show the great runs by Moreno...........not even the one where he hurdled the defender. That was a great play and they don't even touch on it. Oh and then of course they had to talk about Tebow (aka "Superman"). Ugh! Yeah you can see me roll my eyes can't you? Whatever people!! I'm going to have to stop watching ESPN aren't I? They just irritate me. *sigh*


chez b├ęziat said...

Admit it. You love getting to be pissed about things like this. Too much praise and "they're ranked #1" and you get nervous.

Paige said...

Very true! I didn't want to be ranked #1 coming into the season. Only one way to go from there! I'd rather start between around 5. LOL Yes I'm weird like that.

peach said...

Wasn't that run by Dobbs just the best!!! I had to TiVo the game, as you well know, so I watched it last night when I got home from work. Did you watch the At Home with Mark Richt that Fox did? I think I have a secret love crush on our coach :)

Paige said...

Loved it!! I'm still amazed by Knowshon's leap though. LOL

I think I've had a crush on Coach Richt since he came and said he couldn't do the Dawg Walk b/c it was too emotional after his first one. Heehee!! I didn't see the At Home thing though. I'll have to see if I can find it.