Monday, September 22, 2008

Say it ain't so, Larry!! Say it ain't so!!!!

I came home from work today to learn that the much loved voice of my Georgia Bulldogs, Larry Munson, is retiring. Effective immediately. We all knew this was coming. It still hurts my heart. I've never known UGA football without Larry. I started listening to him when I was 14 and my mom had taken tv games away from me (she thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown at the end of a game). I had to start listening to the games on the radio. Larry really brought the games to life for me. I could almost see what was happening on the field. He always called the game with such emotion. He loves the Dawgs as much as I do. You could hear it in his voice.

I wish Larry well and just hope he knows how very much he will be missed. Here is a tribute I found to some of Larry's calls. It gave me chills and I do have tears in my eyes.

Larry will celebrate his 86th birthday on Sunday. Happy Birthday Larry! God Bless and God Speed!

Thanks for the memories!!

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peach said...


I knew that I could count on you to do this. I have never known a UGA game without Larry. I'm not even sure what Loren is going to do. Thanks for this. He has been a great tribute to the University and he will be missed. :(