Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nervous about the game tonight

My Dawgs have traveled to the desert. They play Arizona State in just a couple hours. I'm nervous. Ok so yeah I'm ALWAYS nervous about our games. LOL Well you never know which team is going to come out onto the field. I'm hoping for the good one tonight. You can be sure I'll be biting my nails either way. I'm sure I'll scare the dog and the kids at some point tonight as I yell at the tv. *sigh* You would think they'd be used to it by now, but apparently not. LOL

I watched the Gators/Vols game earlier today. That was an ugly game let me tell ya. UT couldn't do anything on offense or defense. Yes, I'm still nervous about our game with them. LOL I can't tell if Florida played well or if UT just played that badly. "Superman" Tebow (can you see me rolling my eyes?) had like 74 yards passing and 22 yards rushing. I'm sure if you watch that damn sports channel that I refuse to name they will be talking about how wonderful he is. (Yeah, I'm rolling my eyes again.)

I also watched the Alabama/Arkansas game. Folks, Alabama scares me. We play them next week. At least it is between the hedges. They will be looking for revenge too after our overtime win last year. We have to come out with attitude!!! If not it is going to be an ugly night.


Sassy said...

You know, next week is going to be a great game (Roll Tide). It's going to be an intense game. It seems like Saban is on a roll this year. I hope we can make it to an SEC championship. Right now we are watching the Auburn/LSU game and I'm honestly quite surprised with LSU's lack of coordination tonight. Seems like old Les Miles done some chewing out during the half time.. they finally made a touchdown. LOL

peach said...

Paige, I am right with you about next week's game. And I just loved your comment about Tebow! :)