Monday, September 01, 2008

UGA 45 (1-0) GA Southern 21

Ok, I haven't watched the game yet (doing that in a couple hours on CSS replay), but I have to blog about it some anyway. I kept up with it using Fox Sports GameTrax and the game tracker on I have to say that I have some questions. Like, why did they pull Stafford out when they did? Doesn't that take him out of his rhythm? And, why did Moreno only get 8 carries? No, I'm not a coach and no I don't profess to know more than they do, but dang these are two of our premier players. You would think we would want them in there at all times. Another question is why was Southern able to score 3 touchdowns so quickly there at the end? Did they take out some of our defensive starters or did they just back off some? Maybe watching today will give me some insight.

Even with all my questions I'm not all that unhappy with the game. ;-) Yeah I know, sounds like it, but I just question that's all. LOL Our numbers were fabulous though. Well minus the dumb penalties. Here are some of the stats! You knew those were coming didn't ya?

1. Stafford was 13 of 21 for 275 yards and 2 touchdowns. (Love these numbers!!)
2. Cox was 4 of 6 for 48 and 1 touchdown. (not bad there either)
3. They threw to 9 different recievers (yeah that's a lot)
4. There were 4 different rushers (not counting QB scrambles)
5. Moreno had 8 carries for 59 yards and 3 touchdowns! (average of 7.4 per carry)
6. King had 12 carries for 95 yards (average of 7.9 per carry)
7. Total yards.........535!! (wow!)

So as you can see not a bad start for my beloved Dawgs!!

I may be back after I watch the game with some more comments. LOL

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