Sunday, September 21, 2008

UGA 27 (4-0) Arizona State 10

Whew! We came out of the desert (with all that dry heat! LOL) with a win. It wasn't pretty at the beginning. We couldn't seem to get anything going, but we eventually started moving the ball. Stafford had a career high yardage and our run defense was fabulous!! I swear I love Rennie Curran!! He was everywhere last night!! Knowshon and A.J. Green both had fabulous nights too.

While it was a good game and we played well for the most part, there are still things we need to work on. Penalties! OMG!!! We had 104 yards in penalties!! That is unacceptable!! (can you see the teacher coming out in me? Heehee!) Some of those penalties kept drives alive too. Ugh!! That is so very frustrating. Our kickoffs were better last night (with the exception of the out of bounds kick), but coverage still needs some major work. Opposing teams are getting some great field position. Come on guys give your defense a break and pin these guys deep.

Ok, here are the stats from last night.

1. Stafford was 16 of 28 for 285 yards and 1 TD. (Yeah all those yards on 16 completed passes! Take that Tebow!)
2. Moreno had 23 carries for 149 yards and 2 TDs. (Isn't he at 9 TDs for the year now?)
3. A.J. Green at 8 receptions for 159 yards. (Ummm, he's a freshman and he made some amazing catches last night!)
4. Mo. Mass. had 4 catches for 44 yards.
5. King had 1 reception for 41 yards (that was beautiful!)
6. We had 461 total yards.

Here are a couple pics of Knowshon's first touchdown. It was FUN! Heehee!!

Here's one of Green going up for a ball. Dang that kid can jump!!

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peach said...

I thought I was going to have a coronary last night watching that game!! When we got those 2 personal foul calls, I about lost it! You are right, we cannot have those penalties against AL next week. I was so proud of the way Green played! Especially with him being a Freshman!!