Saturday, July 26, 2008

I give up

Yep. I've decided that I just give up. We never make enough money. We never have enough money. It is a fact of life these days. I guess I need to just learn to live with it. Heck, I even put in an application at an area store for a summer position to maybe draw in some extra money. They never even called me to come in for an interview. What's up with that? I'm almost to the point of just letting the debt collection agencies start calling. It's very frustrating to know that we are good people and yet we can't catch a break for anything. We must have ticked Karma off something fierce at some point. I just wish I knew what we did. *sigh*


peach said...


Honey don't give up!! You are not alone in the cash crunch. Call me about that adult bev. I've found it usually helps. :)

Lisa said...

Wish we lived closer. We could vent together. I so know how you feel. You are not alone!