Tuesday, July 08, 2008

He has been introduced to them.

When we were in Florida my nephew introduced my son to video games. *sigh* I was trying to avoid this for as long as I could. I guess almost 5 years is the limit. Joshua was introduced to the PS3. He learned how to play a Star Wars game on it. Now he wants one so he can play Star Wars all the time. It was bad enough for the 2 weeks we were there and he had access. He didn't even want to go swimming or to the beach. We would go and in about 10 minutes he was saying he was done and ready to go home. Ugh!! I was not happy. I swear I am NOT buying one until I absolutely cannot put it off any longer. We have an old Playstation already, but we only have one game for it. Madden Football. Michael likes to play it. He has been letting Joshua play with him too. I have to say that he is getting the hang of it pretty quickly. LOL He's better than I am! I just don't play them at all.


Breazy said...

Our son has a PS2 and we refuse to buy the PS3. What he has is plenty and we tell him to be thankful for that. He is also very strictly limited timewise with the games.

Good Luck!

Michael said...

Too many video games turn you into the most horrible of all things...a Florida fan.

paige said...

That settles it then. He will NOT be allowed to play video games of any kind in his entire life. I can't take the risk of having my son become a Gator fan (shudder shudder)