Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well Hell!!

Season pretty much over! I could say a really really ugly word right here, but I'll keep it clean for now. At least I will try! LOL

Lose to Vandy?!! How much worse could it get? Oh wait, we still have to play the hated Gators (who lost to Auburn last night by the way!! WOOHOO for that!!) and Tech. Is losing to Vandy that bad, you ask? Ummmm, yeah! I live in Nashville for crying out loud. It was horrible to lose to UT, but to Vandy!!! Geez. Not only that, but my in-laws are Vandy fans....................oh and my wonderful husband! Blech!! Luckily they know me well enough not to even think about rubbing it in. Well, okay I'm sure they think about it, but they don't DO it. That could cause a very ugly scene and make for a very uncomfortable week or so until I get over the damn loss. LOL

I have to say that I'm really not all that surprised about this season though. I went into it feeling like we were ranked higher than we really should have been. We lost a lot of talent last year and we didn't even know who our starting QB was until about 2 weeks before the season started. Then they went 5-0 and I had high hopes. Yeah, I should have known better considering how badly we played against Colorado and Ol' Miss, but hey I'm an optimist. I try to be anyway. LOL

Oh well, we have a pretty good freshman learning the QB position and the offense so I will look to next year. Now don't think I'm not looking to the big games we have left. We can still play spoiler to many teams. I'm guessing though that I have to pull for Auburn as SEC Champs. I just can't bring myself to pull for the hated Gators or Vols. Not going to happen. I NEVER EVER pull for either of those teams. My fellow UGA fans/friends will pull for them in bowl games (should always pull for the SEC in bowl games they say), but not me. I just can't do it.



Aisby said...

I think my family and I jinxed the Dawgs. Of the three games we went to this year, we lost 2 of them. Before this season started, I came to grips with the fact that this would be a re-structuring year. But DAMN, we lost to Vandy...we SUCK! Maybe Richt will get his head out of his arse and pick a quarterback and get him well-trained....then we can figure out what to do with our receivers who can't catch.

Aisby said...

Oh, and my sympathies for having Vandy family.

Paige said...

Yeah, well it usually isn't that bad. LOL This year totally sucked though! LOL