Sunday, October 29, 2006

He is definitely our son!!

So, after seeing the Star Wars contingent at several different events in recent weeks and having Joshua afraid of them, Michael and I decided that we needed to introduce him to the movie. We came home from the Pumpkinfest in Franklin yesterday and put in Star Wars. I was afraid that it would scare him. It didn't. He was mesmerized. He sat through the entire movie without getting bored. When it was over he wanted to watch it again...............immediately. He has watched it several times today. He cries and whines if we don't let him watch it. He played Star Wars with his daddy today when he wasn't watching the movie. Joshua was a Stormtrooper and Daddy was Leia. LOL

I would say that we now have another Star Wars geek in the world. And, this suits us just fine!

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