Monday, October 02, 2006

Hey Granddad!! When can we start my lessons?

We were at Granddad's on Saturday where Joshua took his first real interest in the many guitars that Granddad has. He strummed for awhile before asking if he could have a "little guitar." We gave the generic answer of, "We'll see." thinking that his interest would wain in the next couple days or even hours. This is usually the case with a 3 year old. Much to our surprise though he woke up Sunday morning and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Let's go get my little guitar Mommy." I heard that same thing several times throughout the day. I heard it again this morning. I had to run errands and as I was leaving he asked, "Momma, are you going to get my little guitar now?" Well, I bought him his very first guitar today. He was so excited when I got home with it. It was worth it for that excitement even if his interest diminishes quickly.

Here are a couple pictures we took this morning. Does he have the look of a rock star, or what? LOL

So, Granddad, when DO his lessons start?


Beth said...

Aww that's too cute. Jessica wants an electric guitar for christmas..I want earplugs. {{{{HUGS}}}}

EmilyRoseJewel said...

I think you are a doing a pretty good job on your blogging. My husband also started my blogging legacy. We are huge football fans are graduates of Auburn University. Most of his family are Georgia Dogs and we have friendly words before and after the game. It is alot of fun.

Be Blessed!

CPA Mom said...

too cute!

Tigger has a guitar too. It's not full size but it is completely real. And he loves it.