Monday, May 19, 2008

I love these pictures of the kids!!!

These were taken the weekend of the Bon Jovi concert here in Nashville. My Jovi buddy, Lisa, is a photographer and she took them. We went out to the park for outdoor shots. They turned out great. She took a lot more, but I couldn't put them all on the blog. LOL We got more good ones of Joshua than Ari. She was in a mood that day and didn't want her picture made. Come to think of it that happens often. She definitely doesn't like the camera much. I guess we aren't going to have a model on our hands. ROFLMAO

These are great pictures! Thanks Lisa.


Sassy said...

Oh Paige, they are absolutely adorable. I miss precious moments like this with the older two. Cherish it.

peach said...

Those pics are wonderful! Your kids are beautiful!

Lisa said...

Your so welcome! Next time we will do better! I will bring even more camera equipment and focus more on Ari! They are beautiful kids and so sweet!

Breazy said...

You have beautiful children!

Hope you are doing well!