Friday, May 09, 2008

Calgon take me away!!!!

It has been a hell of a week. Both at school and at home. It was teacher appreciation week at school, but I think the kids forgot they were supposed to be good to me this week. They were determined to push every button. They just would not stop talking. For any reason. They missed recess time. They missed center time. They lost game time today. Nothing seemed to phase them. To add to all that, one day I had a killer migraine and I've been fighting a cold all week. This doesn't make for a very happy teacher. Ugh!

At home I had a sick kid. Ari had a fever for 2 days so she couldn't go to school. Both kids were also very good at pushing my buttons. Neither are listening to me. They are running crazy all over the house and continue to do so regardless of what I say or do. They aren't eating even when I make what they say they want. Time outs are fun (apparently). They tune out my voice and act like they don't hear a word I say. This doesn't make for a very happy mommy. Ugh!

Mother's Day is Sunday. What do I want? I day to myself. A quiet house or a nice quiet lunch out somewhere. No kids allowed. I'm tired. I'm frustrated. I'm depressed. I am feeling like the worst mom and teacher ever.


Lisa said...

I think you deserve to sleep in and go out to breakfast by yourself before M goes to work! At the very least! I hope the weekend goes better than the week!

julie said...

Great mom- Great teacher!! But you still deserve a day to yourself!!!

peach said...

Honey, hang in there!! School is almost out. My other teacher friends are going through similar situations. The kids are driving them all insane! :) I hope you have a wonderful Mom's Day!!