Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sad. It's just so sad.

The foreclosure rate in this country is just horrible right now. There are good families out there who work hard and are still losing their homes. How is that fair? Some are able to get the foreclosure help they need, but so many others have nowhere to turn for help. I just found out that friends of mine are going to lose their home because they can't make their mortgage payments since their rate went up. Some say that it is their own fault for agreeing to a variable rate mortgage. I say it is the mortgage company's fault just as much. Why would they approve a loan knowing that when the rate does increase the people are not going to be able to afford it? Think about it. Most incomes do not increase by as much as the mortgage rates increase in the same amount of time. It's wrong. It is incredibly sad for the families who are going through this now.

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peach said...

I know, it's a mess. I've got a couple that are moving here from the West Palm area of FL and they are $80k upside down on their house. I cannot even imagine!! They are in the process of losing their house too. They are going to lease one from me until they can get back on their feet. I'm sorry for your friends! :(