Saturday, May 03, 2008

What do you pay?

A friend of mine was asking earlier this week about auto insurance. She is not happy with the amount they are paying. I love my insurance company. I don't think that we pay too much. Right now with both cars and renter's insurance we pay a little over $100 a month. That is pretty darn good if you ask me. Especially when I talk to other people and find out what they are paying. My insurance company is really good too. I've never had a problem with them handling a claim or anything. They were very helpful when our apartment was broken into. When the windshield of my truck got cracked they even called the repair people and set up the repair for me. I think I'll stick with them for awhile.

How much do you pay and are you happy with your company?

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peach said...

I'm like you. I love my insurance company and agent. My premium is a little higher than yours, since I'm single and drive that fancy car. I'm paying a little over $100 a month for my Z4.